Da jogging var mistenkelig.

På 60-tallet var jogging mistenkelig oppførsel i USA. Politiet stoppet joggere. Og noen ble sågar arrestert.

Vox har en artikkel om temaet:

In 1968, the Chicago Tribune profiled the brave breed of «joggers» starting to appear in America. The truly ambitious ones would run for an entire mile.

The men profiled — the piece only featured men — said they ran in the morning because police became suspicious if they ran at night. The biggest theme was self-consciousness: The Tribune cited neighbors who «only see folly in the sight of a grown man running.»


The police were also alarmed by this weird new hobby. In 1968, the New York Times told the story of Dick Cordier, a Hartford, Connecticut, runner who was stopped by the police for «illegal use of a highway by a pedestrian.» Cordier spent a day in court fighting a ticket.